Our Purpose

​​SYC of Colorado, Inc. is a non-profit faith based ministry for physically and mentally challenged youth. SYC is designed to teach youth with special challenges how to participate in and enjoy hunting by providing training and outdoor experiences, including turkey, deer, and elk hunts, for the youth and their families.


Often, youth with special challenges are left behind because of their disability, only to hear about the exciting times their friends experience while hunting in God's great outdoors. SYC helps diminish their handicap by empowering them to succeed. Volunteers instruct the youth and their families about firearms and hunting, and then arrange opportunities and resources so they can hunt safely. SYC is also able to teach them about our hunting heritage and how they can have a part in the management of our natural resources.

Our Board

Our board is made up of devoted volunteers who love enabling the youth to experience hunting. Motivated by the simple smile on a hunter's face, our board members enjoy creating the best environment possible for the hunter's and their families. 

Our Equipment

Our equipment is custom developed to provide a safe experience. The target is displayed on an easily to see camera screen, the gun rests and swivels on a four leg stand which absorbs the shock. The Hunt Guide must have his trigger pressed when the Hunter presses in order for the gun to fire.