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2023 SYC Deer Hunt Sept 29-Oct 1
In Memory of Shawn


Shawn Miller was a good and faithful servant as the bible talks about in Mathew 25. He exhibited three qualities of a good and faithful servant in his life here on this earth.

  • He recognized his responsibility: He lived as the light of Christ and was a great influence to his peers and those around him. He certainly understood what it meant to do things not in his own strength but of the Holy Spirit

  • He recognized his ability: He understood that each person’s responsibility matched their ability leaving no excuses. It is not about much ability you have, it is what did you do with it?

  • He recognized his accountability: The question for Shawn and all of us is what did you do with what God gave you. there will be a day when we will need to account for that. Shawn made and impact on everyone around him.


Mathew 24:23 “His master replied, Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

Shawn was an outstanding hunter and role model to other hunters. He had the unique distinction of being our first hunter to become an SYC Board member.  Shawn was very proud of this and we were too.  We enjoyed his friendship, steadfastness, and continued  commitment toward the families. It was a pleasure to know him and work with and we will miss him dearly. 

SYC Board

New Mailing Address

Our mailing address has changed. Here is our new address:


SYC Colorado

1001A E. Harmony Rd. #64

Fort Collins, CO 80525

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Whats News


SYC of Colorado, Inc. Is a non-profit faith based ministry for physically challenged youth. SYC is designed to teach youth with special challenges how to participate in and enjoy hunting by providing training and outdoor experiences, including turkey and elk hunts, for the youth and their families.



“This community is amazing and couldn't have felt more at home and welcome. The kids are the best so full of life and happiness. The best experience I've had in my life. I will definitely be back.” ~ SYC Guide

"Thank you SYC for a great experience, that we would otherwise never be able to do. It was awesome!!" ~ SYC Hunter's Father

“Thanks for giving me the chance to go on the turkey hunt. I had a great time, and am glad that I was able to harvest my first turkey. But that isn't all that matters, what really matters is the fact that I was able to grow in friendship with other people at the hunt and that I was able to grow closer to God. Thanks to all of the great people at SYC!!.”  - Cole (SYC Hunter) 


“I just wanted to say what a blessing SYC has been to me and my dad, I have volunteered on two hunts now and both of these events have changed my life. I want all the leaders of SYC to know that you guys are doing some of the most amazing work a man can do. I hope in the future i can be a part of this organization and once again just want to say thank you for all you gentlemen do for us and for the kids. There is nothing better than seeing a kid smile and tell you that he has had the best day of his life with you involved. Simple things like that can change a person's life. Thanks for everything.” - Ryan (SYC Hunter)



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